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Illustration of a simple podcasting setup

Set Up Your Podcast Studio

In this post, we discuss where to record a podcast, and how to adjust your space for the best sound. Chances are, you can start with minimal adjustments to the space you have available.

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Planning Your Podcast

Plan Your Podcast

Planning a podcast can take anywhere from as little as a half hour all the way up to a multi-person planning effort and some expenses for research. It’s time well spent at the start to set yourself up for success and save time and hassles later.

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Libsyn and GDPR

The interwebs as we speak, is still flooded with all things GDPR 😱 In case you happen to not know why all of a sudden

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Soapy, The Avenger(s)

There is a lot…um…A LOT of talk in the internet (and the world) about Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War.” The Libsyn Team has been having fun

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Google Play Music: An FAQ

In October, 2015, our very own Rob Walch ate paper. No, really, he ate paper. Why? Because Google announced that podcasting would be joining Google

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Podcast Musings 2015

Podcasting schoolin’ As a podcast producer and podcast host, I love to look back and see if I did any kind of learning this year.

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Libsyn Has A New Player!

  Libsyn Has A New Player! You heard that right! We totally have a new player! And it’s very pretty. And handsome. And nice. And

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Variety covering podcasts!

It’s always nice when an industry publication recognizes that podcasts are moving into mainstream. Whether or not that’s a good thing or not can be

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