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Episode 186_thefeed

186 Follow Us!

Covering iOS beta 14.5 and big changes to Apple Podcasts, a new strategy for promoting our podcast via blog, Stitcher search results, a changing podcast

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Episode 185_thefeed

185 Podcast Etiquette

Podcast etiquette, the power of clean HTML, Hopin acquisition of Streamyard, podcasters with COVID, Apple Spotlight and subscription speculation, clarifications, updated ad insertion tools, the

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get ready to record your podcast!

Get Ready to Record Your Podcast

You’ve planned your show. You’ve curated your recording space. Now it’s time to get set up for recording!

We’ll walk you through preparing the intro & outro, adding music, and recording tips specific to each podcaster level (1, 2 and 3).

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182 You Might Also Like…

On this episode, the new Apple Podcasts Web player, do ratings for your show really matter? Why some platforms are great for some shows and

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181 Soapy History

Who is the Soapy the libsyn mascot? iHeartMedia, Spotify, Voxnest and Megaphone news, Stitcher issues, more fun new gear from Zoom, search in Audible, pro-privacy

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180 An Elsie Soapbox

Apple getting you ready for the end of the year via their holiday submission deadliness, getting their podcast strategy going with Jon Stewart, podcasts in

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179 Who is NR?

The iPhone event and what it means to podcasters, update on podcast apps that support video podcasts, Amazon Music troubleshooting, another easy win for podcast

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177 It’s Beta Time!

Covering, the Libsyn 5 beta! Get the scoop! News about Player.FM, new hires at Apple, what’s up with iOS 14 for podcasters, what podcast apps

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176 Well, That Didn’t Take Long

Some important news from Amazon Music/Audible, the latest Overcast beta that’s all about privacy, Patreon becoming a unicorn, missing JRE episodes from Spotify, audio version

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175 RSS Is The Path To Content

A bit on the the Zoom PodTrack P4, awesome vanity headphones, more on the Stitcher purchase, podcast artwork woes, rebranding your podcast advice, pirated podcasts

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Illustration of a simple podcast studio

¿Cómo Configurar Tu Estudio De Podcast

En este artículo, vamos a discutir dónde grabar un podcast y cómo ajustar tu espacio para obtener el mejor sonido. Lo más probable es que puedas comenzar con ajustes mínimos en el espacio que ya tienes disponible.

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Planning Your Podcast

Planifica Tu Podcast

La planificación de un podcast puede llevar desde una media hora hasta un esfuerzo de planificación de varias personas y algunos gastos de investigación. Es un tiempo bien invertido al comienzo para prepararse para el éxito y ahorrar tiempo y molestias más adelante.

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174 A Nashville Podcaster

Covering the Zoom PodTrak P4, Apple Podcasts directory troubles, Inside Podcasting news, more on the RIAA and podcast takedowns, tips on optimizing your podcast description,

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173 Do Your Homework

Update on the Gaana Destination, and now Audible/Amazon Music! We answer FAQs, Gimlet being sued and how that could affect the rest of us, the

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172 Hey, It’s Tom!

We discuss Gaana, Stitcher sold to Sirius XM, follow up on show ownership + contracts, the Zoom H8, the evil of podcast attribution, the 300

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171 Double The Robs

BTS of how Rob G ended up as Chairperson of The Podcast Academy, and you won’t believe it! Levelator updated for Catalina, SiriusXM acquires Simplecast,

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170 One Star Power

A round-up of cancelled conferences, embed player specific download numbers, the Rodecaster Pro firmware update, Zencaster has a new update, the best one star review

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169 The Indie Vernacular

A Special intro. Joe Rogan/Spotify deal, Call Her Daddy, Apple and podcasting, public raw podcasting data, issues with pandemic-centric titles – yes AGAIN – its

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168 Pre-obituaries and Takedowns

Update on the Google Podcasts Manager, the new Libsyn Support Widget, PodcastOne acquired by LiveXLive, Luminary cash troubles, the pre-obituary of Google Play Music, Podcast

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166 We Are Reviewing For Good

Covering, #Reviews4Good, the iPhone SE and podcasters, COVID–19 episode takedown updates AGAIN, ad buyer data, update on the Podcast Discovery survey, and of course stats

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165 Is it an I or a Y?

In this episode, the new redesigned Google Podcasts app and it’s in iOS, more clarification on Google Play Music, more on pandemic titles best practices,

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