10 Fun Ways To Say Thank You To Your Listeners!

How about we give back some love to the folks that keep us podcasting?

Podcasting would not be where it is now if it weren’t for our listeners. They are the ones that make podcasting go round.

Let’s say a collective “thank you” to our peeps.

BONUS: we might end up with awesome content for our own show!

1. Personal audio feedback

You know how we LOOOOVE to get audio feedback from our listeners? Imagine what your listeners would feel if they got a personal audio message from YOU!

This is not about being all creepy and randomly emailing folks.

This is about a personal shout-out to a handful of your super-fans, those that email YOU and have consistently sent you feedback for the show.

Attach a short voice memo and send it to them!

2. Retweet your listeners

You cannot get any simpler than this.

Look at the Twitter followers that tend to engage with your show. Check them out and see if there’s anything they are looking to amplify.

Tap on that re-tweet and give them some love!

3. Create an Instagram Story

Maybe you’re not quite into Twitter and tend to hang more on Instagram. Go down the rabbit hole and check out some of the folks that like or leave comments on your episode posts (or IG Stories.)

See if there’s something lovely and surprising about them and create a dedicated story shouting the out!

The first Story post could be something simple, like “We love our listeners! Here are some incredible people that are part of our podcast community”

After that you can easily “Add post to your story” by tapping on the little paper airplane icon on their post and post it to your story.

4. Shout-outs on the show OR a special Thanksgiving Episode!

This is possibly the number one way that most podcasters say Thank You.

The easiest thing that you can do is to look back at all the interactions with you on social media or email responses. Compile a list and during a dedicated special segment of your show, shout them out.

A more involved way of creating that love for your community would be to produce a dedicated show thanking your listeners.

This of course is determined by the amount of content that you could add into a dedicated episode – and it could be a simple 5 minute of all love to your audience with some added stories. Here are some ideas for content:

  1. Memorable digital interactions with your listeners (first piece of feedback, meaningful comment on a FB post, wonderful share of your show to their community, a positive review that really touched you, etc.)
  2. Memorable IRL interactions with your listeners (a story of having a listener recognize your voice while you were out and about, your first listener meet-up, etc.)
  3. Looking back at your audience feedback and replaying some of the best audio feedback that you’ve gotten in the past.

5. Interview a listener (or have them co-host the show with you)

This could be part of #4.

In addition to the content above, in order to beef up the length of the special episode you can have a listeners be part of the show! You can either do a bit of an interview with them and really make it all about them or you can have them properly co-host your show with you, giving them the opportunity to create content with you.

6. LIVE time!

Another variation of creating a Thank You episode without having a listeners be a co-host or guest is going live on your platform of choice.

If you have a co-hosted show you could do a playful episode designed to interact with your listeners, maybe even covering topics that are not normally part of your podcast or adding fun segments that you wouldn’t really put out on your regular show.

Instagram Live has great features that allow those watching to ask questions and even be brought into the Live itself!

With a tool like Streamyard you can go live is so many different platforms at once, manage interactions and get to know your community from a super clean interface.

7. Have a giveaway

Everyone loves presents!

Giveaways don’t have to be complicated. It could be as simple as giving away a $20 Amazon Gift Card, or some swag that you might already have for the show.

8. BTS (Behind The Scenes)

Everyone loves behind the scenes! Our peeps love to see what’s going on where we are and Thanksgiving might give them an opportunity to get a chance to see what you’re cooking, where you record, what are some fun activities that you have planned for the holiday or even giving them a walkthrough of what it takes to put your show out time after time.

Depending on how comfortable you are, you can also have some of your family members give their own behind the scenes on what it takes to live with a #podcaster 😅

9. Share a Spotify playlist

Who doesn’t love music (or podcasts)? Spotify makes it so easy to create playlists of both music and now podcasts, why not create one for your people?

You can create a theme that reflects your show’s topic in some way and you can curate an experience for your audience to entertain them – of course you can include a couple of good ‘thank you’ type songs.

10. Special holiday swag

At Libsyn we use Teepublic and have in the past created special t-shirt designs to commemorate holidays and birthdays 😬

Yes, they would have to buy something, but good swag is always a great way to give back! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve bought special swag when my favorite shows offer it! I’m thankful for the designs, even though it’s coming out of my own wallet 🥳

I hope that you enjoyed reading this list and if you put any of the above into action, please tag @libsyn on Twitter or Instagram and let us know what you did!

Thank you so much for your voice and for choosing Libsyn. We so appreciate you!




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