Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: The Golden Rule Podcast

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Q & A with The Golden Rule Podcast

When did you start podcasting?

We started podcasting in 2016.

Why did you start podcasting?

We are aging musicians who wanted a new outlet to be creative in.

What’s the name of your show and what is it about?

Golden Rule Podcast. It is 3 of us, all musicians, who grew up in the golden era of hip hop.

This makes us very opinionated when it comes to rap music. I thought it would be interesting if we took the Top 5 raps songs of the week, and tried to listen to them with an unbiased ear. Instead of tearing down the music, we try to find good qualities in them.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

For the first couple of years, we used the Zoom H4N. We recently started using the Rode Podcaster, which is an incredible tool. We have always used Behringer mics, but I recently swapped one out for a Rode Procaster mic.

How have you promoted your podcast?

We mainly promote via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Of course, word of mouth is the best method since you can go into detail about the podcast when you are in person.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

When I first started, I was coming up with different workflows, seeing what worked best. There were issues sometimes getting music levels just right, but eventually I found a perfect setup. My current setup is very simple and the quality is unmatched.

Are you into rap? What if you get opinions and discussion breaking down the top 5 rap songs of the week? Right??? Then you must go and subscribe to The Golden Rule Podcast!

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