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Q & A with Lesley from The Declutter Hub Podcast

When did you start podcasting?

We started our podcast back in October 2018 – we put together 4 or 5 shows to get started and then went straight into a weekly show after that.

Why did you start podcasting?

Because we have so much insight and we want to share it far and wide! We have both been Professional Organisers in the UK for 10 years working with people who are completely overwhelmed with clutter and disorganisation in their homes.
Our success has come from relationships with clients, chatting things through and being pragmatic. We’ve had thousands of happy clients and organised lots of happy homes between us but there are so many people out there for whom working one to one with someone just isn’t an option.
Podcasting is a brilliant forum for us to share our knowledge and experience whilst remaining empathetic and keeping it real.

What’s the name of your show and what’s it all about?

Our show is The Declutter Hub Podcast and it’s all about clutter and disorganisation and the emotions that not being in control of your home life brings. We offer practical decluttering advice that has worked with our clients and talk about all the barriers that stand in our way of having the home of our dreams.
Our focus is on real homes and real people with real problems rather than being overly aspirational. We focus on different areas of the home each week and provide our listeners with a realistic and achievable plan to take positive action. We also have one guest expert a month who is a decluttering expert in a specific niche.
We are also great friends that laugh a lot and that is definitely a big part of our podcast style. People who have clutter have often lived life being judged and we want to strip all the judgement away and inspire people into action in a positive, encouraging way. Humour is a big part of that!

What is your podcasting set up?

We both have a Blue Yeti Mike with a boom arm and an inexpensive pop filter. All of our equipment was bought second hand on eBay as we didn’t know how it would all work out so had to be realistic with our initial investment.
We live 200 miles apart, Ingrid in London and me in Manchester so it’s not always possible for us to record together but if we can we do as the sound and interaction is definitely better. It’s all very low tech and basic – sometimes we record on the dining room table, sometimes in a carpeted bedroom to help with the sound.
If we can’t record together or if we have a guest we record using Zoom and then we do all our editing in Alitu. We outsourced the editing for several months to a VA but we are finding Alitu a much more cost effective option and haven’t seen any significant reduction in quality and our listener numbers are increasing so we figure it must be OK! We aim for a one take show and unless the doorbell goes we manage that three times out of four.
My Brother in Law dabbles in recording music and my nephew is a Radio DJ so they put together our intro/outro and voiceover which we love as it’s bespoke (and it was free!)
We are happy with the sound and we’ve not had any complaints. I think our listeners are definitely more interested in the content than a few sound issues.

How have you promoted your podcast?

We use all the Social Media Channels to promote and schedule through Meet Edgar. We have a Facebook Group with a very supportive membership, an Instagram feed and we’ve recently got better at adding to stories and highlights.
Whilst our Twitter profile and Facebook page is active we made a conscious decision not to focus too much on it. Our energy goes into Instagram and our Facebook group which is where we think our committed following is.
Ingrid and I also promote through our existing Social Media followers of our individual Professional Organising businesses. Using Headliner is on our never ending list of new things to try but we’ve not quite got there yet.
We are finding that people are finding our podcast and mentioning it in magazine articles and when we have been on radio shows as guests, a podcast is something producers are always happier to promote than a website or social media.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

That it’s all about authenticity.
Listeners can be very forgiving if they like the sound of what you are saying and you shouldn’t get too hung up on the odd erm and aah.
Podcasting has been such a fantastic way of connecting with our audience and getting instant feedback. It’s the simplest way of getting your point across if you like to talk (which we absolutely do!)

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