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Q & A with Leah from Good Girls Talk About Sex

When did you start podcasting?

I published my first episode on January 17, 2019.  But I’d been planning it for well over a year – I had the initial idea in the fall of 2017, recorded my first interview in January 2018, cut a rough edit of the first interview in February 2018, ran a contest to create the show logo in March 2018… and on and on and on.
So when did I start podcasting?  Sometime between September 2017 and January 17, 2019 – who could possibly pinpoint a date?

Why did you start podcasting?

At age 42, after a lifetime of repression and shame, I went on a journey of sexual awakening and body reclamation.  I was really lucky to be able to share it with a network of female friends who cheered me on, lifted me up in the hard moments, and supported the heck out of me.  The more I shared, the more they wanted to hear.
As I told them my stories, they started opening up and sharing their stories with me.  I recognized that we all had a deep hunger for honest exploration of our lived experiences around sexuality.  Not just the hard parts … and not just the sexy parts.  All of it – the messy, funny, romantic, kinky, amazing experiences.
The more of these conversations I had, the more of them I wanted to have.  So I started a podcast to have the conversations in a way that would let other people eavesdrop.

What’s the name of your show and what is it about?

“Good Girls Talk About Sex” features in-depth conversations with women about their experiences of sex and female sexuality.  It’s the conversations you would only usually have with your very best girlfriend over a bottle of wine (or two!) in the middle of the night.
My goal is twofold – to share stories that allow listeners to hear their own stories reflected back to them so they know that they’re not alone, not broken, not perverted, etc.; and to share stories that expose listeners to new ideas around sexuality that they may never have considered before.
In order to accomplish both goals, I work to find guests who represent a wide cross-section – across age, race, religion, sexuality, gender expression, relationship structure, body size, etc.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

This is continuing to evolve.  Most of the conversations are remote interviews and I have recently moved from Zencastr to SquadCast.
I use an ATR–2100 and a cheap set of Sony headphones with my MacBook Air.  I do some rough editing in Hindenburg, but I send the bulk of my editing out to my wonderful editor, Gretchen Kilby.
When I do in-person interviews, I use a second ATR–2100 and a Zoom H4N.Because this topic is so sensitive and I’m talking to people who aren’t used to being interviewed, it requires a fair amount of editing.
My interviews are generally about 75–90 minutes long and the finished episode is about 42 minutes long (the length of an average Netflix episode!)
How have you promoted your podcast?
In addition to being on a shoestring budget, I have a major limiting factor in terms of advertising: social media companies won’t take my money and sometimes remove my regular posts.
Social media platforms have always been sketchy about things to do with sexuality, but under new federal regulations, they’re moving to excise as much sexual material as possible, even things that qualify as sex education.
I’ve been aggressive about pitching myself as a guest on other podcasts and that has yielded huge dividends. I also purchased an ad in the Overcast app last month and was very pleased with the results – I tripled their estimated number of new subscribers for the 30 days my ad was running.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Letting audio sit around for too long is a terrible idea!
I recorded some of my interviews nine months before I launched. I listened to that audio so much, and obsessed over it so much, that by the time I was preparing to launch my show, I was pretty sure it was terrible.
I had completely lost any sense of perspective on it. Fortunately some of the women in the She Podcasts community offered to listen to an episode and told me that the audio was excellent and I needed to stop torturing myself.
And they were right – when I finally launched the show, the responses I got from the audience were amazing.  But I needed outside ears to remind me what I had forgotten.
For season 2 the longest any of the interviews will sit on my computer is 12 weeks – that feels much more reasonable!

Are you ready to talk about sex, candidly, and safely or even just feel like you’re eavesdropping on conversations that only you want to have? Then you need to subscribe to Good Girls Talk About Sex! Or if you don’t wanna dive straight into listening to the show but wanna connect with Leah on social media you can do so on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Lastly, Leah has this cool checklist where you can jumpstart your communication in your own sexual relationship. You can get that here.

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