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Q & A with Peter from Marketing Study Lab

When did you start podcasting?

I started my podcast in April 2018. I was skeptical at first as to whether I could sustain a weekly show, but you have to commit to doing it and then it becomes second nature.

My main worry was that I wouldn’t be able to find any guests or that no one would be interested, but you can with a little hard work to get things of the ground… and they will! We have a small following but we are only young so it’s a great start.

Why did you start podcasting?

I wanted to start a podcast that was specifically aimed at those studying Marketing (specifically through the CIM – Chartered Institute of Marketing).

When I was studying (and I’ve never stop studying and learning, it’s massively important) there wasn’t much by way of support and you were left to feel quite isolated. This can become frustrating.

Once I had completed my Professional CIM Marketing Qualification I wanted to support others going through the same struggles as I did, which started with tutoring and then I thought -‘I love tutoring… I also love podcasts…. why not start a podcast and help those that need it’!!!

As far as I am aware it is the only podcast dedicated to students of Marketing. It’s really important to me as I know that sometimes you can feel lost in your studies and that it can be really frustrating, not only to hit a road block, but also when trying to find the right tutor to help. I hear constant stories of poor feedback and slow responses, which just isn’t on!

What’s the name of your show about and what is it about?

Let me introduce to you the Marketing Study Lab podcast.

For many years now I’ve been tutoring people to pass professional Marketing qualifications (bit of a passion of mine this Marketing stuff) and one thing I’ve noticed while doing this as well as being in the same position previously, is that their isn’t much out there by way of interesting, valuable and freely available content that can help and guide you through your professional Marketing qualifications, so….. I launched a podcast (yep, I was shocked as well)!

The idea behind the podcast is to provide hints, tips and guidance to help people with their Marketing studies (specifically CIM). We do this by;

  • Talking to top guests with a passion for their field of expertise
  • Providing tips on studying
  • Looking at Marketing theory
  • Discussing CIM assignment papers, question-by-question, in detail
  • We also have a few giggles along the way

The Marketing Study Lab podcast isn’t just designed to help students every step of the way through their studies, but every week we interview superstars within the Marketing industry and beyond, providing helpful insights into their professions and skills.

I find this an engaging way to get some fundamentally important areas of Marketing and beyond discussed and highlighted.

All my guests have been kind and generous enough to give up their time to talk about their fascinating back story or to offer incredible insight and value within their own specific field of expertise and I am eternally grateful for this.

Although the subject of Marketing could be dry and boring – especially when talking theory, I like to bring humor into the mix as Marketing should be inspiring, motivating and strategically beneficial to organizations and individuals. If we’re not doing this, we are basically just coloring stuff in!

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

The set up is quite simple:

  • Q2U USB mic with standard headphones attached. It provides enough sound quality for me at the moment.
  • Interviews are mainly through Skype using Ecamm to record both sides of the conversation and then split them out into two files
  • Editing is done on Garageband as its nice and simple to use
  • Each episode is polished by using Auphonic, just to remove any annoying little sounds and equalize the sound levels
  • If interviewing in person I like to use my Zoom H4N Pro (again, it’s easy to use and robust enough to take a few knocks)

How have you promoted your podcast?

The podcast is promoted using all the usual channel that the libsyn destination tab allows.

I am mainly on LinkedIn so this is where I promote the podcast the most with a little bit of Facebook and Twitter – sometimes Instagram.

I am yet to try paid advertising as I’d like to grow this organically using my powers of persuasion and saying ‘go on’ a lot!

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Quite simply the time it takes from arranging an interview to editing and publishing each episode. The sooner you find quicker and easier ways to do each step, the better.

If you are a Marketing student especially CIM, you need to subscribe to this podcast!

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