Libsyn 2018 Year End Review

Welcome to our Year End Review! We know how much information is out there and are quite aware of how often times great news and functionality falls through the cracks.

We promise that as you scroll through this post you will bump into something you did not know. It will be worth your time!


Podcasting has always been a space that thrives on relationships, collaborations and partnerships.

From the beginning, Libsyn has been known for those collaborations, even if at the very beginning it was by throwing some of the most memorable podcasting industry parties 😎 (back in the day… search for Portable Media Expo circa 2006…there’s bound to be pictures…in fact, we know there are pictures.)

We evolved into partnerships with podcasting events, service providers and most importantly, content distributors. We have continued to forge these type of collaborations through the years.

2018 was no different


Pandora is in the podcasting game!

As of the end of this year, Pandora has launched the Podcast Genome Project. You can read all about it here.

And Libsyn was one of their launch partners! Woohoo!

Rob and Elsie covered what this means for those hosting with Libsyn on this episode of The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast.

RadioPublic destination

If you don’t know about RadioPublic, you should! It’s one of the most elegant and beautiful podcasting apps (and more) in the podcasting space.

As well as a directory.

For all Libsyn users, if you want to be part of the RadioPublic ecosystem, all you have to do is to fill out your destination within the dashboard. Here are all the details.

Partnered with AddsWiz

In July, AdsWizz announced its Podcast Platform Partnership Program and Libsyn is one of their initial partners!

So what does partnering with AdsWizz give you?

Podcasters benefit from the most robust, full-featured audio monetization solution in the industry, while enjoying the full freedom to select the enterprise-grade podcast hosting, publishing, and distribution solutions that best address their needs.

Libsyn Alexa Skills

Alexa is proving to be a viable platform for playing your podcasts! Now Libsyn provides you your own Alexa Skill!

How? Email [email protected] 😎

Added Support and Functionality

Growth is not only about partnerships for distribution, but also bolstering the distribution with added support. Check the following out!

Libsyn Publishing Hub!

We were one of those that had our plug-in in beta for years. Yep.

But, behold!

We revamped the Libsyn plug-in for WordPress into a complete publishing hub!

For those of you that love your WordPress sites and would prefer not to do anything within the Libsyn Dashboard, fear no more, now you can do all the things directly from your WordPress website.

You can find out everything that you can do with the Libsyn Publisher Hub right here.

For some really in depth fun, check out this video where the Libsyn Team chats about the Libsyn Publisher Hub and walks your through the entire interface! (It is almost an hour and a half 😳)

The Libsyn Podcast Directory (Revamped)

We’ve had a Libsyn Podcast Directory for quite a long time, it just wasn’t, well, um, streamlined.

As of this year we have a mobile responsive interface that is set up to help listeners actually listen to your podcast.

All Libsyn podcasters are in the directory #bonus.

If you are NOT please email [email protected] so that they can help you!

Embedly support

We want the Libsyn Player to be available in as many places as possible for you to embed. In order for us to continue helping you be able to share your content wherever you wanted to share, we now support Embedly!

Find out about how we support Embledly in these awesome Knowledge Base Articles:

Custom Tracking codes

This is such a simple little feature that can be used to find out so much information about your marketing and your episodes!

Here are some ideas of what info you can find out:

  • If you have a guest on your show, create a custom code, share it with them to put on their website, and you can track how many downloads you got from their site.
  • Create a tracking code for each social media platform and track how a tweet does vs you sharing within your own Facebook Group.
  • If you’re featured in a local publication, you can provide the media outlet with a custom code for a player so you can check to see how many folks played your episode on that site.

See? Good stuff!

Learn about custom tracking codes here

Libsyn status page

Often times in social media and in Support we see a lot of folks that wonder whether we are having issues or downtime.

We now have a public facing URL where you can instantly check to find out the answer. and directly from that website you can report if you are experiencing something that doesn’t agree 🤓

Libsyn Team News and Outreach

One of the key differentiators of Libsyn as a hosting platform is that we’ve been immersed in the podcasting community from the beginning. We’ve attended countless Podcasting Conferences, Podcamps and meet-ups.

Our team is made up of podcasting experts and influencers that have the unique perspective of not only knowing the ins and outs of the industry, but also of creating, hosting and producing thousands of hours of content themselves, as podcasters.

Libsyn Podcaster Meet Ups!

We had 2 first of a kind events hosted by the Libsyn Team.

The very first The Feed meet-up at Podcast Movement

We have a long running podcast that began in 2013 hosted by VP of Podcaster Relations Rob Walch and me, Community Manager, Elsie Escobar.

This year we finally got our listeners together in Philadelphia!

The very first Libsyn Podcasters Meet-up

This was a local meet-up, in our home base, Pittsburgh for all podcasters.

You didn’t need to be a Libsyn user to attend.

Our desire was to create a sense of community to those local to the area, through entertainment, information and of course snacks 😎

We were told by many of those that attended that it was one of the largest local meet-ups that they’ve ever attended! It was magnificent 🙌🏽

Dave Jackson Inducted into The Hall of Fame!

As mentioned before, our team is made up of long time podcasting experts and influencers.

We have 2 Podcasting Hall of Fame Inductees: Rob Walch and me.

This year one more from our team was inducted into the Hall of Fame: Dave Jackson.

We are so proud of Dave and all of his work in podcasting!

If you want to get to know Dave, check out one of his many podcasts. We suggest his long running School of Podcasting

We are ready for 2019

In 2018 Libsyn hit record-breaking months of new customer signups and the Libsyn community is now over 50K!

That is a lot of amazing people podcasting. Thank you for being a part of Libsyn.

The Libsyn Team cannot wait for 2019 and all that we will do to expand and grow podcasting and support to our community.

Happy New Year!




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