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Q & A with Sheryl from Hearts of Gold

When did you start podcasting?

I began podcasting last year with a short form podcast, Sensory Strides, in order to learn the logistics of podcasting. I released my first Hearts of Gold episode this summer.

Why did you start podcasting?

The Girl Scout Gold Award is a major achievement and after working with High School girls on our council’s Gold Award committee, I found an interest to provide better recognition for the young women that meet the requirements and earn this prestigious award.

As I continued working with the Girl Scouts, I found I became even more passionate about supporting the girls and helping them work through obstacles to fulfill their goal.

When girls truly find their passion and match it to a community need, the most rewarding projects are achieved. My favorite Gold Award story to illustrate the impact of the Gold Award on the Girl Scout is a young lady I had the honor of mentoring a few years ago.

The Gold Award requires a proposal interview where the project is presented and changes are identified to verify the criteria for the award are met. During the proposal interview, this candidate had her back to me for most of the time, barely speaking, and when she did, it was in monosyllables.

She is autistic, but she was still able to communicate her project, the goals, and expectations of the award. She completed her project on autism awareness, which included presenting to classrooms.

At the Gold Award ceremony, this same young women who was unable to look at me during the proposal interview walked across the stage in front of a couple of hundred people, shook our CEO’s hand, and stood on stage for pictures. This is the kind of change this experience has on those that fully embrace it.

What’s the name of your show and what is it about?

Hearts of Gold interviews Girl Scout Gold Awardees about their projects, sharing their experiences, challenges, and outcomes in order to encourage and inspire others to take on the challenge to earn their own Girl Scout Gold Award.

What’s your podcasting setup?

I have a very basic set up, I use Zoom for recording with Audacity for back up.

I have a Blue microphone, but that is the only piece of equipment I have purchased.

I can’t imagine not using Libsyn for hosting. They make it so easy and answer all of my questions quickly. I love that they are always adding new platforms and I always listen to The Feed to keep up with the changes.

When speaking with High School girls at our National Convention last year, I heard multiple times I need to have a Pandora channel.

I am excited that Libsyn is on the forefront, working with Pandora to make this happen.

How have you promoted your podcast?

As my niche audience is high schoolers, I primarily use Instagram for promoting, but also have a Facebook page where their leaders or other adults may be more apt to connect.

I send emails to staff at each council the girl is a part of encouraging their staff to share the episode featuring their Gold Award Girl Scout.

I will be setting up my website this spring and plan to do some Instagram and Facebooks ads once I am able to collect email addresses.

I am currently considering how best to use chatbots to connect to my audience rather than just email lists, again because my audience is high schoolers and email is not their primary way of communicating. Sharing episodes through IGTV is also on the radar.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started podcasting?

I wish I had known how much artwork and images can help promote the podcast. Images are not my forte and this had caused me the most trouble.

Although I edited my first podcast myself, I hired an editor for Hearts of Gold. This has been an amazing stress reliever and my editor is much more skilled than I am.

Not having to worry about editing allows me more time to invest in preparing and focusing on the interview. I plan on reaching out to the local high schools and colleges to see if we can find a student that would like to build their portfolio while helping me with artwork.

I used Fiverr for my podcast artwork, but believe I could invest locally and receive better quality while helping a student grow.

Need a bit of inspiration? Love the Girl Scouts? Looking for a way to inspire the the young girl in your life? Then you need to subscribe to Hearts Of Gold today!

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