Libsyn 2017 Year End Review

It’s that time of the year where we sit back with a nice mug of hot chocolate and look back at 2017.

This year was once again full of important releases and extremely timely support for podcasters and the podcasting industry. Take a look at the highlights of 2017 and Libsyn.

New Podcast Pages

We started the year off with a major upgrade to our native Libsyn podcast pages.

Don’t know what these are?

Each Libsyn account comes with what we call a podcast page. They are a simple, mini websites with minimal but pivotal functionality for a podcast.

They are great for folks that aren’t looking to build a fancy website or mess with, Wix, Blogger, Weebly or other free options but want to have one place for all the thing their podcast.

The Podcast Pages are:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Customizable
  • Support widgets
  • About Page and Contact Page

If you wanna get full on details, check out the below video walking you through it!

Also, if you wanna go ahead and set up your page, we’ve got a nifty support article right here.

iTunes New Feed Tags Supported!

During WWDC this year we found out two big pieces of information about Apple and podcasting.

Both of these things caused Libsyn to make some changes.

  1. Updated iTunes New Feed Tags
  2. Apple Consumption Stats

Although at this moment we cannot do anything about adding Apple Consumption Stats to the Libsyn UI due to the fact that Apple does not have a public API, let’s focus on the updated iTunes New Feed Tags!

The folks at Apple have given podcasters another opportunity to add more information to your podcast as well as to each and every one of your episodes.

The Libsyn dev team went to work really fast on this and were able to add the to your podcast publishing workflow quickly.

In case you haven’t had a chance to check out how these feed tags work within the Libsyn interface check out the below episode of Libsyn Live

If you want the quick and dirty, you can easily read this Knowledge Base article about publishing episodes. You’ll find all relevant info about these feed tags in the second half of this article.

Custom Player Updates

Did you know we have a very pretty player? It’s so very strange, people still think that Soundcloud’s player is all that, but really, ours is pretty awesome.

There were a couple of really cool new updates to the player.

Category playlist player

You can now create a category playlist player!

You can create your own content categories and then from those categories create a playlist player from those specific categories.

This can come in pretty handy for when you create a series within your podcast, or you happen to have the same guest on for a handful of times, or you happen to have seasons for your podcast.

Time coding

People love time coding stuff, and now you can do it directly from the Libsyn custom player!

Here’s the scenario, right in the middle of your 60 minute episode you cover something that you think is BRILLIANT. It’s some of your best work. With the time coding feature from the custom player, you can now embed this player to start playing exactly when your brilliance begins 😁

If you want to find out all about the custom episode player check out this knowledge base article

Spotify opened it’s doors for all!

During Podcast Movement 2016 we announced that we were working with Spotify to help get podcasters on that platform.

At that time, and for many months afterwards, the submission process into Spotify was a bit slow, but it all changed at the end of this year!

Spotify opened up it’s gates to all, and have made the submission process seamless as now a Spotify destination was added to the Libsyn dashboard. Sweet.

Wanna know how this works? Here you go!

Stats Overhaul

This gave people something to talk about for sure. We did two things:

  1. Updated our stats to move towards AIB Measurement standards
  2. Gave our stats within the Libsyn dashboard a makeover

We covered all things one and two pretty extensively in all of these places, so if you wanna know more! Go on and consume all the things 🤓

Blog Posts

The Feed episodes covering stats with Elsie and Rob


Fancy Updates To Our Custom Podcast Apps

Our in house Libsyn customized apps, you know, ones that YOU can get for your podcast have had some fun additions!

  • Comments – these are fueled by Facebook and they are awesome! Your listeners can leave you comments directly from the app. That’s nothing but coolness
  • iPhone X– all of you that got the fancy new iPhone X our custom apps now support your experience!
  • Categories and push notification management updates – as producers you get a better way of managing your content for your listeners and the listeners also get a better user experience.

Where Has Libsyn Been?

We know how important it is for us to keep connection with the podcasting community. Libsyn has always prided itself in showing up for podcasters IRL. This year was no exception. Check out all the different places that Libsyn made an appearance.

Lastly, the Libsyn Team proudly supported our very own Elsie Escobar getting inducted into the Academy of Podcaster’s Hall of Fame, joining fellow inductee Rob Walch. Congrats, Elsie!


All of us here at Libsyn continue to be as excited about podcasting, podcasters and the podcasting industry since we came onto the scene in 2004. We are looking forward to see what the dev team brings to us in 2018 as well as what the industry itself brings forward that will help us all continue to empower podcasters to have as much success and reach with their podcasts as they possibly can.

Here is to an incredible year serving podcasters! Happy 2018!




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