The Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts 2017

Another year supporting and promoting indie podcasters!

There’s nothing more inspiring that other podcasters, sharing their vision.

Sharing why they started this whole podcasting thing.

Sharing how they’ve done what they’ve done.

And sharing what they would have differently, now that they’ve been in the trenches.

The Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts Series has been going strong every Monday, featuring Libsyn podcasters since 2012. How amazing is that?

If you host with Libsyn, and want to be a Rockin’ Libsyn Podcaster, all you have to do is email thefeed(at)libsyn(dot)com and ask.

Below are our the awesome Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasters featured in 2017!



Four Seas One Family
The Houston Podcast
Brain Storm Podcast
Subject: CINEMA
Language of Bromance
Mouse Scouts
Spartan Up Podcast
Carey Green
Begin Self Publishing Podcast
Doctor Donor Show
2 Middle Aged Dudes and a Microphone
Fixer Upper Podcast
The Deep Dive Report
How Hits Made
The Why and The Buy
Adoptees On
The Ends Podcast
The Creative Studio Podcast
Podcast Meander
The Gentleman Style Podcast
The BRNDD Podcast
The Marketing Disenchanted Podcast
We’re Not All Ninjas
By Association
Advanced TV Herstory
Emil Amok’s Take Out
Who Cares What’s The Point
Women at Warp
The Shipping Podcast
Stoic Mettle
The Expedition
In Her Voice
Two Minute Talk Tips
Ace Tucker Space Trucker
Diablo Valley Show
Mantra Money
600 Second Saga
Scattered Curiosities
Addictions Podcast
The Mark Struczewski Podcast
Comedy Chatter Podcast
Inspired Money
No Effects
Barca Talk
Professor Slots
Dudes With Brews On A Porch
The Hyperformance Podcast
Project Management Insights
Desert Tiger Podcast


Amazing, right?

If you are ready to be featured in 2018, remember, as a Libsyn hosted podcast, all you have to do is email thefeed(at)libsyn(dot)com and ASK.






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