Libsyn Holiday Support Hours Notice

If you aren’t too busy getting yourself to The Last Jedi or wondering if you can buy a pet Porg and will be trying to publish some new episodes, please note that our support staff and hours will be lighter between Christmas and New Years.

Even though podcasting is our favorite, we are scaling back our support over these ten days to make sure that our staff has a chance to share this time with their loved ones.

Please have patience as ticket response times may be longer than usual. Members of our admin team will be on-call to handle any urgent system-wide issues.

Now, you are not All Alone

We have an amazing Support FAQ section with tons of ‘how to’ of almost ANYTHING within the Libsyn interface.

We also have a super awesome Libsyn Tutor YouTube Channel that has another slew of super helpful Libsyn related information.


The Apple Support Team also takes a bit of a break, so there is a possibility that if something goes a little wonky with Apple Podcasts or iTunes during these next 2 weeks there may be some delay in addressing your issue from their end as well.

We want you to know that we are here, but please be patient!

Safe Travels & Happy New Year

We wish you and yours safe travels, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. We are always grateful and humbled by the courage of the voices using our services and the passion and hard work that goes into your production.

Thank you for choosing Libsyn!

We look forward to sharing an exciting new year of podcasting with you!

With love and respect,

The Libsyn Team




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