103 Back From Podcast Movement and NYC Is Not The Podcast Capital

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :11
  • Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: The Creative Studio Podcast 3:00
  • Promo 1: E-Travels with E. Trules 9:20
  • Rob & Elsie Conversation 9:50
    • It’s nice to be back and catching up after Podcast Movement
    • Feedback from Wayne Henderson 13:04
    • Touching base on the Academy of Podcaster Awards – congrats Elsie!
    • Feedback from Molly MacCready from The Non-Profit Optimist 30:00
    • Super cool new podcast listening app just for kids
    • Apple really wants you to add the header code to your websites! Really, they do
    • Feedback from Casey O’Roarty from Joyful Courage 38:20
    • Rob almost had a stroke about NYC’s report about it being the podcast capital 😵
    • Promo 2: The Blood Drawn Chronicles 41:30
    • Elsie had to edit for profanity. Woah
    • Changing ownership of podcasts via Apple ID, can it be done?
    • Rob’s rant continues calling out all the misinformation that the NYC governor’s office put out
    • Feedback: Sonia Paz from Your Rockstar Mentor 1:00:30
    • Getting your podcast onto YouTube using Libsyn
    • Feedback: Andrea Klunder The Creative Impostor 1:03:43
    • iTunes new feedback support and transition from Soundcloud
    • More on adding music to your podcast
    • Promo 3: Baseball Pitching – The Fix 1:17:24
    • A little bit of conjecture about Apple Podcasts upcoming stats and possible release
    • Stats time! Mean and median numbers

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