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Q & A’s with Cynthia from TV Herstory

Why did you start podcasting?

With a 30 year career in public relations, I knew just enough writing scripts and audio storytelling to be dangerous.

Or, maybe I knew just enough about the process of audio production to know that podcasting was the right place for my perspective and cultural knowledge of women in and of TV.

I started my podcast because there was no such forum – no place where anyone attempted to take the work of women in and of TV. I filled a void.

What’s your show about?

In TV Herstory, I analyze great moments when women have been on TV, add depth to a show or performance by looking at it in a social or historical feminist context and worst of all, and yes, I carry the flag to celebrate the work of women in and of T.

Breaking down the nuances of a performance, story arc or the feminist side of a storied career.  That’s what my show is about – all 56 episodes.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

The first year I recorded in a cavernous basement on a little GE microphone bought for my son’s middle school history project 15 years ago.

Now I record in a much smaller room with a Rode NT USB and a foam surround screen. For field interviews, I have a Sony digital recorder.

That was money well-spent! Software-wise, I record into WavePad and use SoundTap to pull audio clips from the internet and DVDs.

My production is outsourced. My audio technician David Brown and I share files on Google Drive.

How have you promoted your podcast?

Advanced TV Herstory is mostly promoted to a national and international audience on [Twitter,][tw] with Facebook and LinkedIn used primarily to post new episodes.

I always carry business cards and monopolize conversations otherwise meant for small talk, much to the chagrin of the other people at the table.

Women really do want to talk about TV shows that meant a lot to them, that inspired them, particularly when they were young viewers.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

When I started, I sort of assumed that people involved in audio production, like radio types, would know about podcast marketing, iTunes and the technical learning curve.

Wrong! After a year into it and sitting on a long list of ideas for episodes, I still hadn’t found people in my circle who knew any more about the back end of podcasting than I did, I was thrilled to find Facebook groups filled with smart, patient people who I now consider friends and colleagues.

Libsyn’s support, whenever I have had a question, has been prompt and delivered in a fashion I totally understood!

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