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Q & A’s with Daniel from Podcast Meander

When did you start podcasting?

The show launched in May of 2016.

Why did you start podcasting?

My background is in experimental music and screenwriting.

Writing spec scripts can be extremely frustrating because, ultimately, you’re creating an unfinished work and the firewall to this unfinished work being completed is a person with a gratuitous amount of money giving you a stamp of approval.

I’d taken a position as an overnight baker to pay my rent while screenwriting, so I spent my nights breathing in
yeast and listening to podcasts to pass the time.

Struck by the huge emotional impact of shows like
“Radiolab”, and intrigued by the idea that I could create a podcast without seeking the approval of a wealthy person, and having experience with music and sound design–I decided to launch one.

What’s your show about?

Podcast Meander is a travelogue about setting your life on fire.

It’s about seeing if it’s possible to start your life anew. I’d found myself working a soul-crushing, unfulfilling job, and living in a hometown that I loathed – as it was the scene of my fairly difficult upbringing.

So, for five years, I worked 60+ hours a week, earned as many promotions as I could, and saved enough
money to leave my job, get in my car, and start driving-with no plan and no destination.

The first episode of the show was recorded in my driveway, right before I left, and every subsequent episode follows my frantic wanderings across the country and the people I interview along the way.

All the while, I’m being honest as possible about the tricky task of escaping my past and rebuilding my life.

A side note, every episode of Podcast Meander features an entirely original score-so fans of experimental music should definitely check it out.

How have you promoted your podcast?

One of my favorite places to promote the show is on Reddit.

My marketing strategy is built around chasing “listens” not “likes” and I find that Redditors will genuinely take the time to listen to the show.

The trick is in being strategic in picking a subreddit, and writing a post that catches people’s attention.

As an example, one episode of “Podcast Meander” features a simulation of a panic-attack I experienced.

So, I reached out to the community on r/psychology and r/anxiety to ask if the sequence rang true to people who had also experienced anxiety attacks. Because it was relevant to the crowd, and it piqued their interest, they engaged.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

How important having a social media presence is in growing your audience.

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast a year from now, start building up your friends lists now. You’re going to need their help in spreading the word, because starting a podcast is kind of like starting a grassroots political campaign.

We all want a little bit of story and podcasts that play and choose to expand boundaries. If you’re into that sort of thing, subscribe to Podcast Meander!

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