Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: The Why and The Buy

This series is all about showcasing Libsyn podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Christie and Jeff from The Why and The Buy

When did you start podcasting?

We started recording and making some mistakes along the way back in October, but we just released our podcast, The Why and The Buy on January 5th, 2017

Why did you start podcasting?

Our conversations were too good and too valuable to not record.

We knew that other people were having the same kinds of issues starting their businesses, and if we could share these ideas, they could be helpful.

We also knew that conversations like these were very natural, very authentic ways for us to get our brands and messages across.

Wanna hear what we’re about? Give us a listen, and you’ll find out very quickly. ‘The Why And The Buy’ is very much a try before you buy.

What’s your show about?

We focus on what we know.

Sales and leadership.

We seek out people we know or have run across that impressed us and have something unique to offer.

We have published episodes about Fear, Attitude, Preparation in Life, Preparation in Sales, Creativity, Challenging Sacred Cows, and Simple Networking.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

We wanted to capture video to help promote, so we originally tried Google Hangouts. is a little more straightforward, so we migrated there.

We’re capturing audio through Piezo, and using Audacity for editing.  We’re also currently experimenting with Zencastr, which gives us a higher fidelity sound quality, and takes care of some of the leveling like Levelator does.

Christie is working on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and Jeff has a MacBook Pro.

We both have Blue Yeti microphones and Logitech c920 webcams.

How have you promoted your podcast?

We have uploaded to all of the sites that you recommended and started a social media campaign with our significant quotes from each episode.

We have a website, Twitter account, Facebook page and a LinkedIn company page so we can publish out through our Hootsuite account consistently.

Interestingly and not necessarily bad, we are individually getting some additional social media exposure, but not much yet for the podcast itself.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

We wish we would have taken the Udemy course a little sooner, but I think there’s a definite value to learning as you go.

We had four or five episodes recorded before we even knew what we were doing!  The important thing is that you get started. From there it’s just refinement.

Have you ever wondered about the ins and outs of business? Maybe conversations that you wish people were having? Give The Why and The Buy a try!

If you love business and feel that your conversation isn’t being had, why not start a podcast? We would love to host your media and if you need help getting started, we have a monthly Podcasting QuickStart to get you going!




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