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This series is all about showcasing Libsyn podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Ryan from That’s A Holiday

When did you start podcasting?

We launched a few months ago! April 1, 2015 (National Fun Day!).

Why did you start podcasting?

To develop voiceover, writing, and presentation skills, as well as to hopefully make a profit eventually!

What’s your show about?

The “That’s a Holiday?!” Podcast features one little-known holiday per day with a “Holiday Heads-Upisode” every Friday, giving a heads-up on holidays coming the following week.

What’s your podcasting set-up?

I use a Heil PR–40 microphone, a Yamaha 6-track USB mixer, a MacBook Pro, Audacity for editing, and, of course, Libsyn for great hosting service!

How have you promoted your podcast?

I’ve only been on the air for a week, but I’ve spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

I’ve also spread the word among family and friends, but I’m also seeking entry into several other podcast directories.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

How time-consuming (and yet how necessary) prep time can be!

If you wanna get the scoop on all things holidays, now you have a podcast! Cool! If you love holidays, it’s time you took the plunge and subscribe!

You can also hook up with Ryan and the podcast via Twitter and Facebook.

If you have an idea that you wanna turn into a podcast, we’d love to host you media, so you can focus on the content!




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