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Podcast Junkies

This series is all about Libsyn’s podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Harry from Podcast Junkies

When did you start podcasting?

I began interviewing my first guests in March of 2014 and have continued to interview about 1 to 2 per week as I work through my invitations.

I continue to ask guests to recommend potential interviewees as well. I was motivated by attending the NMX conference back in January of 2014.

How can you not be with all those awe-inspiring folks in the same building! I now have the NUMBER ONE podcast (on my street, that is).

Why did you start podcasting?

As a long-time fan of music podcasts I was very familiar with the format. I started picking up podcasts based on topics I was interested in.

Over time it became a rabbit hole, as I was drawn into subsequent podcasts of better and better quality.

I was originally interested in podcasting as a way to support my mobile app, Know Your DJ, which is tailored to electronic music fans.

I had an idea that I would start interviewing DJs in a casual setting. It was the reason I headed out to NMX. But those interviews never got off the ground. Thankfully, I pivoted the idea into Podcast Junkies!

What’s your show about?

Inspired by all the podcasters I met in NMX 2014, I had a thought that there must be other people out there who are interested in podcasts and the future of the format.

Podcast Junkies was the first name that popped into my mind, because I felt it clearly described the audience. I talk to established podcasters and will be lining up the veterans, as well as the new up and comers who are making a name for themselves in a short period of time.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

The website is built on WordPress, and hosted on Libsyn.

I record on an ATR2100 USB mic straight into a Scarlett 2i2 mic pre-amp, which connects via USB to my laptop.

I conduct and record the interviews on Skype with Call Recorder. Since I have a music editing background, I edit my shows in Ableton Live and Logic Pro.

I leverage templates as much as possible, especially if steps in the production are repeatable and documented.

How have you promoted your podcast?

Once I knew I was going to start a podcast, and from my time promoting my mobile app, I clearly understood the importance of grabbing all the relevant social media IDs that I could.

I was able to snatch them all up except for Twitter, where apparently there was already a ‘podcastjunkies’ with only 3 posts.

Oh well. There I was forced to use ‘@podcast_junkies’.

My social media links are listed out below. With each new episode I make it a point to cross promote across all sites. You never know which site someone is going to have a preference for.

I’ve made at least one contact through all of the sites. Lately I’ve been digging into Instagram, given the amount of text they allow on their posts.

One use of repurposed content I’m working on now is taking my first 25 conversations and putting them into an eBook format. It will be titled ‘Around the Podcast Campfire’.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

The amount of time it takes to put a quality show together is something that cannot be taken for granted.

There’s a lot of work required if you want your podcast to sound good, for your website to look professional, and your show notes to be as detailed as possible.

Part of it is attributable to my OCD personality, but I tend to document every step. I realized early on that having a VA to help with the admin part of the production process.

It’s been money very well invested. Overall, it’s definitely work, so know what you’re signing up for.

Are you a podcast junkie? I would assume you are since you’re reading this! Then seriously – subscribe!. Good times to be had all the way around!

If you have a love for something and are looking to dive deep, you gotta start a podcast – and we would love helping to host your media so you can focus on getting out your killer content!




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