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Super Diamond Range Podcast

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Q & A with Superb from Superb Diamond Range

When did you start podcasting?

I started my podcast back in October 2013.

Why did you start podcasting?

A good friend and I were having some amazingly interesting and long conversations on the phone and we thought would it be great to record these conversations and put them online for others to tune in to.

Although years prior to this, a musician friend asked me to do video webcast podcasts to play his songs and talk on things related.

One famous recording whereby the chair I was sitting on while holding the camera broke and I fell over, hilarious moment. Not sure if we still have those recordings though but I guess those were my entry to the podcasting world.

What’s your podcast about?

My show is called Superb Diamond Range, it started out as a show with two friends discussing various topics in relation to freedom but also interviewing many guests from the alternative media world.

The direction has been shifting to be about almost anything hence the range in the title.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

I use Ubuntu studio which is a Linux operating system.

The software I use to record is called internet d j console, alongside Skype.

My microphone is a Rode Procaster, which I only recently got a pre amp for as before I was relying on the 20db boost on my Asus Xonar Sound Card.

I also recently picked up a pop shield and a mic positioning arm.

Although Linux is my first choice for recording, I have used my iMac at times, I find macs great for after my recording to convert from flac to mp3, use gimp editing program, use an id3 tags program and upload to YouTube via Final Cut Pro.

As my hardware has been slowly growing due to low funds my sound hasn’t been what I’d like it to be and I must confess to becoming quite an audio snob.

I relly heavily on Audacity plugs ins and I’m hoping now with more complete hardware for a cleaner purer better sound and for no tweaking afterwards, just record and release straight.

I must say I have picked up skills I never would have had I not been a podcaster.

I’m sure you can tell, I am very passionate about podcasting. Want to improve all the time. Always believed if I could just focus on getting my sound right I could focus entirely on the content which is equally important to me.

I have Podcast Answerman to thank for telling me about Libsyn, who I now really enjoy being with.

How have you promoted your podcast?

I started off promoting my podcast via Skype chat rooms.

Generally posting a new episode and offering a link to it usually via YouTube but also pointing in the direction of iTunes.

I also use Twitter. I have a official website which is called which is proudly powered by Libsyn as a Custom Domain Setup.  I would say my main priority now is setting up my new hardware and getting back to recording.

I have recently moved from London to Edinburgh and currently all my kit is in boxes in a storage depot.

Can’t wait to get them out of the boxes and get back to doing what I love podcasting.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I wish when I started I’d watched a how to podcast video particularly the ones by the Podcast Answerman.

I also wish I’d got better hardware or a more complete set up from day 1. My recordings have been up and down due to various problems.

I wish I was more consistent, 17 podcasts in 1 year is very low output.

A lot has been down to cancelled interviews, day job commitments, holidays, general laziness.

One thing I’m not so down about now is that if sound does get to where I want it and content gets better than at least the old podcasts show a point of reference and show an improvement over time.

Also my views have changed and I’ve changed as a person as we’ll, so it’s great to go back and revisit where I was in for example 2013.

Interested in freedom? And everything else under the sun? Superb Diamond Range is the podcast for you!
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