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Q & A with J Scott from My Mom is a Psychic

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When did you start podcasting?

February 2013

Why did you start podcasting?

Mom has always felt she could predict the future or at the very least inspire people to believe in something through this card reading method.

I am a non-believer in the psychic part and I have always lovingly picked on her about it. However, over the years I noticed that despite the quirky method, people always seemed to leave the reading in a positive mood and inspired about something.

I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking and could not ignore the fact that Mom was actually helping people get through their day. After discovering podcasting myself and understanding how it works, I thought this was a perfect format for a show, and so My Mom is a Psychic was born.

What’s your show about?

Each week I record a call with Mom. We have an 800 number and we encourage listeners and blog or social media followers to call or write in with questions about their daily problems or issues.

Mom uses a deck of cards to answer their questions on the air.

What’s your podcasting set-up?

Mom is set up with a computer, a Seinhauser headset, and Skype in a wired Internet connection, and a deck of cards. I’m on the other end with a Audio Technica mic, hard wired computer, Skype account, a digital recorder, mixing board, and separate spare computer for playing sound tracks and calls, and a phone set up for live voice calls if necessary.

I edit in Audacity and host with Libsyn. Show is syndicated in iTunes, Blubrry, Stitcher, etc etc via a Feedburner link.

Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

Old junker Toshiba satellite for playing audio snippets, belkin router, hard wired hp envy notebook, mackie 1402 compact mixer, Roland r–05 digital recorder, Skype, audacity, audio-technica at2005 USB mic with xlr cord setup, on stage desktop mic stand with pop filter, Mom- Seinhauser headset with attached mic, and my cans are some Phillips Junkers that I took from my wife SUV (bought the for the kids to watch movies in the car and had to incorporate them into my gear set up), Libsyn hosting (of course), iTunes, Blubrry, Stitcher, Zune, etc etc for directories,  google Feedburner

How have you promoted your podcast?

Social media daily posts and Facebook ads.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Wish I had started podcasting long ago. Would be much further along in my plan by now…

How about it? I know you’ve always wanted to have your fortune told! Get on over and check out My Mom’s A Psychic!

You can call right in to their hotline: 800–723–1692 and ask a question. You can also connect via Twitter, Facebook

Hey if your Mom has a gift, how about getting her started with a podcast! We’d love to support you to do it with us!




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