When Your Podcast Artwork Should Be 300 x 300

Let’s quickly talk about the different types of artwork that you have for your podcast. I’m going to get all pre-school teacher on you and color code the types of artwork to make absolutely sure that you are clear.

1. Show Level Podcast Artwork

This is the lovely artwork that most people see prominently displayed in any podcast directory, such as iTunes.

This is also the artwork that is prominently displayed within any of the podcasting smartphone apps.

Recently the size requirements for show level artwork have been changed by apple to be 1400 x 1400. You can read all about it here. At this point and time most podcast producers have upgraded their show level artwork specs to this new size.

2. Episode Level Podcast Artwork

This is the artwork that is usually embedded into the episode MP3 file itself.

This artwork is primarily added to the MP3 via an ID3 tag editor or via a program like iTunes.

This is the artwork that shows up when someone is listening to your specific episode. It can be seen easily while playing a podcast episode using a podcast smartphone app such as iCatcher on iOS. It’s the image you see on the screen.

Some podcasters choose a different image for every episode that they publish. Other producers choose to have the episode artwork simply be their show artwork.

3. Chapter Level Episode Artwork

This specific artwork only comes into play when you are creating enhanced podcasts with chapters. These files are M4As and often have more than one image embedded within them.

The image changes depending on what chapter the listener is on while listening to the podcast. These type of podcasts are not very common and are almost always created using Garageband for the Mac.

The Episode Level Podcast Artwork Should Be 300 x 300

Our awesome devs have been doing some testing due to the fact that some producers had been reporting issues with their podcast episodes being downloaded to certain iOS and Android podcast apps.

It seems that there are times that conflict is occurring between the pod catcher itself and the file that it’s reaching out – do to the fact that the artwork within the episode itself is 1400 x 1400.

Errors are occurring while downloading podcast episodes when the Episode Level Artwork is 1400 x 1400

That means that in order to make sure that no errors occur while people are attempting to download your episodes you should choose to use artwork that is 300 x 300 for your Episode Level Artwork and your Chapter Level Artwork

You do not need to do anything different with your Show Level Artwork – Show Level Artwork stays at 1400 x 1400

Does that make sense? Please refer back to the top of this article to make sure you distinguish between the different kinds of artwork!

If you are totally confused, please leave a comment below OR email support(at)libsyn(dot)com to help them clarify this for you!




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