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Q & A with Ed Pirnik from the Shop Talk Live

When did you start podcasting?

We launched Shop Talk Live in February of 2012. Since day one, our goal has been to continue increasing the quality of the show – both technical and topical issues – with every episode.

After about the first six months, we really hit our stride, having invested in better mixers, better microphones, and better preparation ahead of each show.

Why did you start podcasting?

The Taunton Press, publishers of  Fine Woodworking magazine, are constantly in search of new avenues to reach a wider audience. By expanding our audience through a variety of new media outlets, we strengthen our brand, maintain our place as thought leaders in the woodworking industry, and have a great deal of fun while doing it.

What’s your show about?

First published in 1975, Fine Woodworking was one of – if not the — first magazines ever dedicated exclusively to the craft of fine furniture construction.

Our podcast, Shop Talk Live, allows us to answer technical questions from readers, interview legends of the craft, and have a bit of fun at the same time.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

Our podcast is recorded in a small studio outfitted with AKG microphones and a three-channel mixer. The show is recorded on a digital MP3 recorder and edited using Audacity, a free sound editing software available online.

How have you promoted your podcast?

We promote our podcast in a variety of ways: within the pages of Fine Woodworking magazine, through regular posts on our Facebook fan page, and through reciprocal relationships with other bloggers and podcasters covering the craft of fine woodworking.

Our staffers often appear on the podcasts of other members of the woodworking community and from time-to-time, we invite other members of the online woodworking community to come on the show.

In addition, we are promoted through our weekly eletter. We’ve also made an effort to solicit positive comments and ratings on our iTunes page.

Our listeners seem to respond. Our podcast is now approaching 300 positive ratings and comments on its iTunes page. We feel this lends us a positive image to those who stumble upon our show while browsing online.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Since our magazine produces a great deal of video content, our earlier episodes were recorded using the same wireless lav mics we use when shooting videos. The quality just wasnt’ “up to snuff.” We soon realized it was important to make the investment in quality tabletop mics and a dedicated studio.

In addition, we relied heavily on annoying “sound effects” that really didn’t add anything to the delivery of the information we were trying to offer our listeners. Concentrate on the quality of your content and leave all those silly bells and whistles for the morning drive-time DJ’s.

If you are interested in anything woodworking this is the podcast to get you fired up. Get to know the crew and gain insight into woodworking industry! Subscribe!

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