Podcasting Luminaries: Hutch Jr. From Burghs Eye View

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Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

My name is Hutch Jr. and I’ve been producing BURGHSEYEVIEW since October of 2006.

The show started out chronicling the high school football career of Hutch III but morphed into a purely Pittsburgh show. I was chased out of town in the early 80’s due to the unemployment situation at the time and became part of Steeler Nation.

I was gone for 20 years and longed for anything Pittsburgh every one of them. The show is for folks like me who are living in Nebraska yearning for a chipped ham sammich.  Yinzers in exile.

We talk history, local news and straight banter. We’ll have a beer and sometimes don’t delete the expletives. A young lady named Shell is my regular cohost as Hutch III is training to become an Army Lieutenant.

Episodes 16 – 40 were recorded on the way to or on location in Iraq. Some segments include the Pat Bus Vocabulary Moment, Things that Piss Hutch Off and earlier shows feature the Bloomfield Update.

Come get your Burgh on.

What is your most memorable feedback from a listener?

Some of the great voicemails and feedback we’ve received are from Holly who was listening and yearning from Zambia.

I actually got to meet her on a trip home (she brought Zambian beer!!), Alan from Ireland who is a great listener, but I missed him on a trip to Pittsburgh.

I always offer to send a Burghseyeview calendar to any listener who lives abroad and on his 3rd one he sent the show a picture with it mounted in his fathers office aboard an Irish Navy Vessel, pure awesome!

Getting feedback and meeting local podcasters is great too. Here’s a presentation we put on at Pittsburgh Podcamp 5 about the subject of keeping your show alive.

How have you promoted your podcast?

Facebook  and Twitter @burghseyeview have definitely increased our social media footprint and generated a lot of conversation.

I particularly enjoy the way Libsyn has been innovative lately with these venues being populated when an episode is published. Keep on experimenting with this, it cuts down on my work time!

What is your podcasting workflow?

My workflow consists of writing down goofy or great things that I see everyday on my iPhone “Notes”, then when it’s showtime I’ll sit down for a couple hours and gather more material online and from written sources and author the shownotes.

Shell will do her research, we’ll fill up the beers and head to the studio. A Ustream livestream is initiated for video and we start recording.

Shell handles the chatroom and I manage the video. The main show is audio, the video has evolved in the last year or so.

What has changed the most in your show since you started?

Up until 2008 I would share conservative political opinions on the show, but after some negative feedback on iTunes comments we had a meeting and decided to take all non Pittsburgh related politics off the show and we did.

This created an opportunity for me to create another show with a friend Ward that I had met at a previous Podcamp.

The show is in it’s second year and if your looking for a conservative viewpoint Steel City Resistance (video) is for you.

You read it folks! If you’re up you wanna get your Burgh on, then you must SUBSCRIBE! If you wanna get your conservatism on, then try THIS. If you have any feedback for Hutch Jr please call 412-567-1460 or email burghseyeview(at)gmail(dot)com.

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