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Q & A with David and Donald From Take The Red Pill

When did you start podcasting?

We released our first episode on May 23, 2010. This is the first podcasting project for both of us.

Why did you start podcasting?

David: I can’t speak for Donald, but I had an instant interest in one day starting up a podcast ever since I first started listening to them back in 2006.

I knew I didn’t want to do it solo, but I didn’t find a suitable fit for a cohost until I met Donald at a meetup called Belief in the Unknown. After a couple of conversations with him I began my recruitment process…

Donald: I started podcasting because David suggested we do it. I was originally a bit apprehensive about it. I didn’t see why anyone would want to sit around for an hour, listening to two guys just talk. After doing about 3 minutes of research online, I quickly realized how popular podcasting was.

Beyond that initial hesitation on my part, I had been looking for a way to best share my accumulated spiritual/metaphysical knowledge. Teaming up and podcasting with David has proven to be a better format than I could have ever hoped for.

What’s your show about?

David: We talk about all that stuff that pushes the envelope of what we think of as reality as we know it. UFOs, time travel, reincarnation, energy healing, Atlantis… stuff that would furrow James Randi’s already furrowed brow.

Donald: We “Explore The Realities Within Our Reality”.

What that basically means is we can cover any topic that might be considered on the “fringe” of science and/or metaphysics. Or smack dab in the middle.

We’ve discussed the nature of reality and time, the afterlife, reincarnation, free will and destiny, good and evil, and conspiracy theories.

At any time during a show, David and I can find ourselves talking about the mysteries of the universe, or how that movie we saw that one time about that guy that did that thing completely changed our lives.

We really give ourselves the freedom to follow where the topic wants to take us.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

With David in Washington State and Donald in Virginia we conduct our conversation through a Skype session.

David: I record my audio through a Sennheiser e835 mic into my MacBook through a PreSonus FireBox interface into GarageBand. From the GarageBand file I extract the .aiff file, downsample and rip it into an .mp3 then send it off to Donald via TransferBigFiles for editing.

Donald: Freetalk Everyman USB headphones and mic, laptop running Audacity (audio editing), a podcast partner with exceptional metaphysical insight.

How have you promoted your podcast?

When we first started we registered with a bunch of podcast directories… Podcast Pickle,, podbean, etc.

Nowadays we pretty much stick to iTunes, Facebook, and Twitter (thanks to Libsyn… you guys rock!). Throughout the week we frequently post links to webpages that are relevant to the latest topic.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

David: I wish we had a better idea how to manage our schedule out of the gate. When we first started we were recording every week, but it was tough balancing our personal schedules with the time it takes to record and produce the show.

At one point we got so backlogged on episodes we would end up publishing the show months after it was recorded. We finally have a comfortable biweekly schedule that is much more manageable.

Donald: How much fun it would be. I was originally a bit hesitant about doing a podcast. I saw it as just a lot of work with little payoff. After recording that first episode, I was hooked.

The payoff was being able to converse with someone who had a similar metaphysical life experience and taking the opportunity to “compare notes”. It is our similar but slightly different perspectives that makes Take The Red Pill so engaging for us to record, and for our listeners.

You know Take The Red Pill is the best way to get into the world of the fringes of reality! No one ever has to know 😉 Subscribe in iTunes or listen straight from Facebook!. If you have anything to ask Donald and David you can reach them at feedback (at) taketheredpillpodcast (dot) com

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