Libsyn Has Gone To The Dogs…

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Yep, we’ve gone to the dogs….literally, and we are looking for other animals too.

And why are we looking for animals?

Animal Appreciation Week of course!

  • Animals bring people together.
  • Pets brings us joy and laughter.
  • Pets entertain us and love us.
  • Animals teach us a thing or two…

Kinda like podcasts!

We thought that animal appreciation week would be the perfect way to honor our beloved animals as well as offer another way of bringing the libsyn community together, podcasters and their audience!

In addition to giving us an opportunity to develop, expand and create some content ourselves using all the killer platforms that libsyn has to offer.

Everyone can podcast and libsyn makes it easy!

We’ll be sharing videos of our own pets. gulp.

We would love for you to submit your own pet videos as well.

We’ll be creating a podcast and sharing it with you guys through all our different existing channels!

Are you guys ready? We totally want to be the Boo of podcasting via Facebook 😉

How to submit your pet video

  1. Record your 15 to 60 second video or audio! Use your smartphone!
  2. Edit or not. It’s up to you. There are some pretty easy to use mobile apps for editing your video or audio out there 🙂
  3. Like us and message the video to our Libsyn Player Facebook Page OR email your short media file to elsie(at)libsyn(dot)com. Make sure you give it a TITLE and a DESCRIPTION. We’ll be using the information for the podcast! Check out this video on how to message us your video via Facebook.
  4. Make sure you add our Facebook Podcast Player!

We look forward to sharing our animals with you, as well as getting to know yours better!

**By the way, Your pet may be messy but keep your submissions clean. We reserve the right to bury any submission that doesn’t meed our G (Good for all pets) rating!

Stay tuned to seeing your content and ours via the libsyn Facebook Player, The Danger Dog Podcast, and the Danger Dog App.

Please submit your videos starting today all the way until June 10th, and get ready for our big Danger Dog launch!




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