The Libsyn Facebook App is a Hit!

We recently released our libsyn App for Facebook as well as some awesome customization to have your own podcast player app within your Facebook page.

It seems like you guys are liking it!



We love your feedback

We’ve been asking you for feedback and we will continue to do so, for in order to continue to develop this app we need your help!

Below are the answers to some questions/comments that we have received regarding the app. We hope to offer some insight as well as inspire you to share your experiences as well.

1. The libsyn Facebook App can only be installed on Facebook Pages- no profile pages, nor groups.

2. The libsyn Facebook App supports only those podcasts that publish episodes to the Libsyn Feed destination.

For most accounts to see what content you currently have on this feed you can go to: – for example –

If you are just using libsyn as a media host – but would like to use the libsyn Facebook app – you will need to publish your media files along with a title (mandatory) and description (recommended) to your feed destination.

Please let us know if you have any questions on how to get your content into the libsyn Facebook App.

3. For some the Edit Page Tab Settings option has disappeared once the App has been installed. This fails if third party cookies are disabled in your browser.

4. You will be able to tell the stats for those that consume your podcasts from the libsyn Facebook App from within your libsyn stats via the user agent.

Building Podcasting Consumption on Facebook

We feel that having your podcast accessible straight from Facebook has the potential to create a larger fanbase for your podcast.

We are actively building the libsyn Podcast App Page to promote podcasts and producers and our aim is to create a page full of raving podcast fans. It will be the place to discover new podcast as well as build community around podcasting.

Please share the libsyn Facebook Page with your audience and ask them to like it!




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