TGIF – Thank Goodness Its Facebook Friday

Celebrate By Making Your Podcast Playable From Facebook!
Everyone’s talking about the Facebook IPO and we’re talking about our new Facebook app that lets you link directly to a player for your show right within Facebook.  That is right, your audience doesn’t have to leave Facebook to listen or watch your show.
Get Your Custom Facebook tab!
Check out how to add the customizable tab to your FB page that links directly to your show HERE.
Why add a Custom Facebook tab?

Its another great way to grow your audience through Facebook’s more than 900 million users.
Plus it is super easy, there is no searching or syncing iTunes, media downloading or device synching required! Your audience just clicks on the tab from your page and is instantly taken to your show. 
Get started on your custom Facebook tab this weekend and be sure to check out the Libsyn Facebook App.





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