Have Your Audience Listen To Your Podcast Straight From Facebook!

You can play your podcasts directly to Facebook if you're using the Libsyn Podcast app


The Libsyn Facebook App Is Here!

We are crazy excited to share with you our new Libsyn Facebook App!

Check out the short video above to see the Libsyn Facebook App in action 😀

At it’s essence the app is a podcast directory where we people can browse through the libsyn podcasts and play them straight from Facebook.

How cool is that?

Libsyn Facebook App = Greater Podcast Discovery

Whenever you or anyone plays one of your episodes from the app, what they play will show up on your/their timeline.

You can comment or like the post as well.

This is an excellent opportunity for your episode and podcast to have greater exposure, and be discovered by folks that may not know about it.

As a bonus of all of you sharing and listening is that as a community we get to guide people to discover new podcasts and new content that they may not have been exposed to before, without having to leave Facebook to do it!


  1. LIKE the Libsyn App Page on Facebook
  2. Add the Libsyn App
  3. Leave us comments and feedback on the Page!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!




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