Podcast Artwork Specs For iTunes Now 1200 x 1200

itunes podcast artwork specification are 1200 x 1200 pixels

Things are a changing over at iTunes.

We sense some pretty big changes coming this way for podcasting!

Please Note: iTunes artwork is now 1200 x 1200 pixels

At the time of this writing, the tech specs on the Apple website still state the prior specs. Changes will be amended in time. Specs have now been updated by Apple

Have your podcast hosted at libsyn? Do this:

  1. Work diligently to get your artwork up to date for the new specifications.
  2. Change your podcast artwork in your libsyn account!

If any other artwork specific changes do come out, refer back to this post, as we’ll be updating here.

Where do you change your artwork?

Within your Dashboard click on the little wrenches right next to your thumbnail. A pop up screen will appear where you can easily change your podcast artwork.

Key points about changing your artwork on your account

  • You need to change the image file name of your podcast artwork or your artwork will not update in iTunes.
  • According to Apple: “iTunes supports images in JPEG and PNG formats with a RGB color space (CMYK is not supported). The URL must end in “.jpg” or “.png”.”
  • Once you do change your artwork, it may not update immediately. Please be patient.
  • When one image updates on iTunes others may not have updated yet.  Different images update at different points.

If you have any questions or need support please head on over to our HelpDesk




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