Podcasting Luminaries: Scott Sigler

scott sigler innovative podcaster and writer

Unbelievably talented and deeply committed writer Scott Sigler has been podcasting his incredibly addicting books since March 2005…mostly weekly!

He has been around the podcasting scene right from the beginning and continues to inspire through his commitment as an innovative writer, having turned modern-day publishing on it’s head by giving his books away for free (via podcast of course) and becoming widly successful because of it.

If you have not had a chance to listen to Scott’s addicting scifi/horror/thriller novels, you seriously have to.

In fact, just take a look at a little trailer for his book ANCESTOR…and the promptly SUBSCRIBE. You can start with that one and then there are tons more to choose from!

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

Probably some of each of those, but mostly because I write for a living, and therefore it’s my job to get my work out to the people who want to hear it. If I can do that effectively with a podcast, and that grows my audience, it lets me continue to entertain as my job for that much longer.

What has changed the most in your recording setup since you started?

Everything! As I became more seasoned at my job, and found a little success, I replaced microphones, moved to an office space so I could quit recording out of my bedroom closet, and even scored a full sound booth for free from a recording studio remodel a few years back!

Do download numbers matter matter to you? or is audience engagement key?

Yes and yes.  Download numbers help gauge what works in my podcasting, and audience engagement is really the point of the whole endeavor.

How has or has podcasting helped create opportunities for you?

No question about it.  I had EARTHCORE, my first novel that was professionally edited, ready to go but without a publisher in early 2005. Since it was a tight, clean story, I started to podcast it.  The success I found with EARTHCORE and ANCESTOR (the novel that followed) was very important to getting my Random House deal.

What advise would you give a new podcaster so that they keep going!

Record your first four episodes before you ever podcast a single one.  That way you’ll have consistency for at least a month, which is a big key to success.  If folks like what you’re doing, they’ll immediately want more.  If you don’t have it, they might not stick around until you do. However, once you hook them with several great episodes, they’ll keep coming back even if you have an off week here and there.

And he has another one coming out! This one is called NOCTURNAL. It seems like it’s gonna be A MAY ZING. Of course you can pre-order the book, due out on April 3 as well as check out the coolest pre-order contests the he has going on!

If you wanna contact Scott you can email media(at)scottsigler(dot)com or call 206-666-4673

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