Hey @libsyn! I Need Help! or How To Get The Best Libsyn Support

libsyn support

When something goes terribly wrong, or even just a little wonky, don’t you want to fix it RIGHT AWAY?especially if you are tight on time or even have a deadline that’s coming up.

We know.

We feel the same way.

We are putting this out there so that if something goes wrong for you with the libsyn service, you can start the process of getting answers and fixing the problem ASAP.

The best tried and true methods of getting Libsyn support

  1. Check the libsyn support blog! (In fact, bookmark and/or subscribe to it via RSS.) This is the first place any systemwide information will be posted.
  2. Contact support via the HelpDesk or straight from your Dashboard (top right hand side) OR email [email protected] 

NOTE: Optimal response times with fully loaded staff ready to rock are 8am to 5pm EST Monday-Friday

Any system-wide inability to login or access Libsyn systems, inability to upload/publish, or inability to download media are top priority and will be addressed at supersonic speeds by our support ninjas.

Here’s the skinny, our support team work their booties off. The team is committed to getting you the best help possible. We only ask that you are patient with us if you happen to send in a support query during the weekend of a non-priority issue.

You will absolutely get a response, but perhaps not lightning fast 😉

There are times when you won’t immediately hear back from us.

That does not mean that we are ignoring your issue or taking our sweet time. There are times that it’s not a quick and simple fix. It may require a bit of this and that and a bit of magic fairy dust to get things back on track.

Again, you will hear back from us. We won’t leave you hanging.

Why don’t you guys have a support phone number?

Great question don’t cha think?

So, Libsyn is the largest podcast hosting company supporting over 13,000 shows – consumed by over 28M unique audience members per month from all over the world.

In order to serve inbound requests from both producers and end-users we have our nifty trouble ticket system that is driven by inbound emails to support(at)libsynsupport(dot)com, our HelpDesk or the Support area within the Libsyn dashboard.

This allows for easy tracking as well as efficiently passing information between our team and our customers.

The support team can then field requests at any time from users across the country and around the world.

Support questions and detailed conversation are best captured in written form + screen shots and the support team can easily point people back to existing knowledge base articles in a more effective way.

The coolest thing of all is that this information can be shared with our internal teams and developers for a collaborative effort to help resolve issues much faster.

If you you really need to have phone support, there is another option! You do get phone support with LibsynPRO 🙂

Why don’t you guys answer support questions via Twitter or Facebook?

We love you guys!

We love to hear from you!

We don’t want to stop you from communicating with us!

The thing is, when you are having issues with your account, with the system, with stats, etc. when you send us a twitter message or write on our Facebook Page we can’t really help you, other than send you over to support.

Those of us that are behind the social media properties of Libsyn ie. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and the libsyn blog are not super powered support ninjas….although some of us wish we were….

Even if we were bona fide fully initiated support ninjas we wouldn’t be able to help you in 140 characters or less. We would need a ton of vital info to start troubleshooting and get to the heart of the matter and doing it via social media is not the best place to do it, most especially because we want to protect your private information.

We are more qualified to helping you out with podcasting tips, tutorials, marketing, promotion and general podcasting and hosting queries.

We don’t have access to the bowels of the ship. 😉

We hope you keep on reaching out to us with your podcasting questions and sharing your podcasting successes. We love to share the love!

And remember, have a support question? Support is ready to help 😀

Image credit via CC “whisper room” by effekt!




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