The Ultimate Beginners Guide For Libsyn

You did it!!!

You got yourself a libsyn account!!!

Now what

You thought you had it all under control, but all of a sudden you have no idea what the little icons mean, how in the world do you use FTP…wait- you don’t want to use FTP, you want to just upload your media…

Oh, and what is a Destination?

What the heck is a show slug

There’s a choice of Templates? How do you configure them?

What’s with the storage on libsyn?

Total Confusion

Never Fear! Here Is All You’ll Need To Navigate and Learn All About Libsyn!

We’ve got some superstars working on our support team, and one of those lovely folks created this Beginner’s guide for Libsyn just to serve  newbies or those that want to get better at using the service!

Get the Beginne’s Guide to Libsyn right now! CLICK HERE and download the PDF.

Hope that helps!

IMAGE CREDIT via CC “beginner” by Isaac Leedom

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