Are you ready for some Football? We’re Talking Serious Football Podcasts

Madden PodcastLibsyn’s hometown is Pittsburgh, PA.  Pittsburghers take football season very, VERY seriously. has a whole roster (pun intended) of football podcasts to help you stay informed this football season. First up – say hello to one of our newest shows – EA Sport’s Madden NFL 12 Podcast.

The EA Sports Madden NFL 12 Podcast, a weekly hour-long audio podcast, covers the latest in Madden NFL 12 news, rosters and team updates. Created for NFL football fans, the show provides a unique behind the scene look at the all-time favorite football related video game and commentary on the NFL and Fantasy Football. Included is a recap of NFL weekly games, injury reports, insight on the upcoming schedule and weekly picks.

But the serious fan know you need more than just one podcasts.  We told you Libsyn was ready for the football season!  MAdden NFL is just the beginning.  Check out these NFL podcasts:

We’ve got even more football podcasts for the serious fan, created by the fans themselves – check out these fancasts:




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