Mommy Podcasts: Providing What Money Can’t Buy For Mother’s Day

Community, Communication and Support

Even though there are times that as a Mother I want stuff ie. clothes, jewelry, gadgets, etc. what I long for and desire the most as a mother you can’t really buy anywhere.

Mothers desire connection

Primarily connection with other Mamas. There are times when I feel like I’m the only mother in the world that is going through whatever I’m going through at the time, toddler tantrums, explosive messes that refuse to get cleaned up, child ailments, sleepless nights…I could go on and on 😉

Mothers long for communication

I often times simply want to share with someone, someone that gets how hard being a Mama truly is, or how incredible the world is as seen through your child’s eyes, or simply talking about something that is not at all child related with another woman!

Mothers need support

At first I thought I could do it all- by myself. I had up to this point set my mind to anything I desired and simply done it, often times to the chagrin of those that were closest to me. Why would motherhood be different? Well, it seems like this whole mothering thing works sooooo much better with support, help, advice, and encouragement.

What if you don’t have a built in community of Mothers that can be available at any time?

Mommy Podcasts to the rescue!

You need to feel supported and heard? How about feeling that you belong?

Check out these Mommy podcasts that will provide you with at least a little bit of recognition and entertainment, but most of all moments of knowing that you are not alone!

Manic Mommies

The trials and tribulations, joys and triumphs of Erin and Kristin – two working mothers trying to do it all (and do it all well, of course)! Shows feature honest, funny chats about motherhood, pop culture, and the crazy act of balancing work and family. Regular features include guest interviews, advice from parenting coach Kathy, and pediatrician Dr. Rob. Not just for “working” moms – for all moms and dads! Driven by our Chevrolet and our fabulous Gal Pals.

New Moms, New Babies: Tips, Tricks, Sanity Savers

Real Moms. Real Stories. A weekly podcast by new moms, for new moms with tips, tricks and sanity savers on sleeping, feeding, crying and more! Guests include, doctors, pediatricians, authors, experts on child seat safety, strollers, baby carriers, activities and more! Friendly advice, various perspectives and relevant information to get you through those first years.

PregTASTIC Pregnancy Podcast

PregTASTIC is the weekly podcast by pregnant women, for pregnant women about the fantastic journey to motherhood. Full of expert information and friendly advice, opinions and different perspectives for soon-to-be moms. Weekly guests include doctors, doulas, authors etc. Hosted by “real” pregnant women with the same joys, concerns and swollen feet as our listeners.

Full Time Mom

The Full Time Mom Podcast is the weekly audio journal podcast of Stephanie Ravenscraft. In each episode, Stephanie gives you a very authentic and transparent look into her pursuit of being the best wife and mother that she can be. This is not your typical “mommy podcast.” It is a known fact that Cliff likes to talk a lot. While Stephanie regularly co-hosts, with Cliff, on a large number of podcasts found at, this is a podcast where Stephanie has a chance to share everything that is on her mind. Be prepared to be entertained, encouraged, and inspired by this show. [update Full Time Mom’s last episode was published on January 6, 2012]

This is by no means a full list of Mommy podcasts out there. As a Mama and as a podcast addict I have waaaaaay too much on my plate to give each and every podcast due diligence, so, this is when I say:

Do you have a favorite Mommy podcast that is not on this list and absolutely MUST be heard or seen?

Please leave it in the comments below! Remember it’s all about community, support, and communication!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

Elsie Escobar




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