Beyond the Oscars: Podcast Style

The Oscars are this weekend!

I’m sad to say that I have not watched ONE of the nominated films for ANY category. Podcasting working Mamas of toddlers can’t have it all 😉

But we do have podcasts.

In lieu of being able to go the movies, or even watch the Oscars this weekend why not share some awesome podcasts that will give you some of the best reviews and discussion about this year’s nominees and more?


Here is a list of the episode reviews of the nominated movies for this year’s Best Picture:

These are not the only episodes that offer insight regarding Oscar nominated films. If you get sucked into FilmSpotting, you should go over their website and do a search for whatever you are looking for. You’ll have plenty of material to keep you busy!

Film Talk

Here are some episodes that are Oscar focused plus a few reviews of some Best Picture Nominees:

Like Filmspotting, Film Talk has an immense catalogue that will usurp your time for years with discussion and reviews. Check them out and immerse in Film listening 😉

Comedy Film Nerds

Although I could not find direct links to the Oscar-centric episodes for this podcast, episodes 44-46 have Oscar themes. Check them out in iTunes HERE.

The /Filmcast

Are you up for fresh perspective and quality interviews? Look no further, delve into the world of The /Filmcast and you will not be disappointed 🙂

Doug Loves Movies

You simply have to subscribe to this one. M’kay?

Creative Screenwriter Magazine

Here are some fantastic insights, and conversation deeper into the nominated films. These are only a teeny bit of what is available at Creative Screenwriter Magazine. The wealth of information and entertainment is giant. Consider subscribing 🙂

Oscar Mobile Apps Anyone?

What if you want to have more than a podcast? How about getting the podcast apps for some of the shows mentioned above? That way you’ll have film discussion at your whim, since I know if you listen to the above podcasts, you’ll just want more, way after the Oscars have come and gone 😉

Hope you enjoy!





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